Which Single Sign-On (SSO) providers does SalesHood support?

Single sign-on (SSO) is a property of access control of multiple related, but independent software systems.

(From Wiki)

The benefits of using single sign-on include:

  • Mitigate risk for access to 3rd-party sites (user passwords not stored or managed externally)
  • Reducing password fatigue from different user name and password combinations
  • Reducing time spent re-entering passwords for the same identity
  • Reducing IT costs due to a lower number of IT help desk calls about passwords

SalesHood supports the following SSO identity providers (IDP):

Once your instance has SSO set up, to gain access to SalesHood, please request a login from your organization’s IT department or sales enablement department to ensure you have been added to SalesHood as well as given SSO access on your IDP.

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