What is the Library?

Library Overview

The Library organizes all of the published content (Files, Huddles and Learning Paths) that have been built in your company’s instance. SalesHood premium content, including huddle templates (Competitive Battlecard, Product Playbook, etc.), can be found in the Libraryas well.

You can navigate to the content library by clicking the Library tab at the top of any page in SalesHood

Once in the Library, you will see different Categories where your company content is located. In a brand new instance, SalesHood-owned Categories will appear:

You can view how much content is within each Category by the circled number in the bottom right of each folder:

From within a Library Category, you can also surface additional information about the content such as the Owner of the content, when it was created, and when it was last modified by using “List View”

External Facing Toggle

You can now enable files to be customer facing by enabling the external facing tag when uploading files. To enable this, select “Yes” next to external facing under tags when uploading a file.

In the Library, you can then toggle the external facing switch to see external facing files. You’ll notice that the category that the file is housed in appears, only the files tagged with external facing will appear when the category is selected.

Library Organization Management (Coach and Publisher Role Only)

As a Coach or Publisher role user, you have additional abilities to organize your Library.

Hide SalesHood Default Categories

To “Hide” these default folders, you can do so in the Huddle Publisher:

Moving Content

Easily move content into another Library Category in a few ways:

  1. From the Content itself (on the Overview page of a Huddle, or the Start Here page of a Learning Path)
  2. By navigating to the Content in the Library Category and hovering over the content thumbnail to display the “…” menu

Note: Library Category folders will be hidden if there is no content. This means that they will not appear in the Library view, but they can be selected as a Category to move content into.

Once you begin creating content, the content will be automatically assigned to the built-in “TBD” Category by default unless it is reassigned to another Category.

Adding Categories

You can add new categories by using the “New” button on the top left of the Library:

Deleting Categories

Any Category that has been added to the Library beyond the pre-loaded Categories can also be deleted. This is done by hovering over the Category and clicking on the “…” that appears. If there is currently any content in that Category, SalesHood will move all content to the “TBD” category by default.

Editing Categories

In the same “…” you can also Edit any Category and change its name, thumbnail artwork, and confidential settings:

For more on who can access what, please see our Library Access Logic article, or to read more on confidential categories specifically please see our Confidential Categories article.

Confidential Categories will be denoted by a small shield icon in the lower left of the thumbnail:

Pinning Categories to the Homepage

Pinning content to the Homepage is a great way to surface content categories right away for all users.  This is also done via the “…” menu upon mouse-over of a Category:

Which will then display the Category beneath all users’ To Do section:

Final Note:

Remember, Only Huddles and Learning Paths that have been published will be found in the Library. Any unpublished huddles will be saved in the Publisher only.

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