What is the Library?

The Library is the inventory of huddles and content that has been built in your company’s instance. SalesHood premium content, including huddle templates (Competitive Battlecard, Product Playbook, etc.), can be found in the Library as well.

You can navigate to the content library by clicking the Library tab at the top of any page in SalesHood

Once in the Library, you will see different Categories where your company content is located. In a brand new instance, you may not see many folders at all:

However this just indicates that there is no content that lives in a folder yet. Folders will be hidden if there is no content.

Once you begin creating content, the content will be automatically assigned to the built-in “TBD” Category by default unless it is reassigned to another Category.

Reassignment can be done via the “Category” link in the content itself:

As well as in the category folder within the Library:

SalesHood also provides pre-built categories for use, which can never be deleted but will only appear when there is content within that category:

And you can also add new categories by using the “New” button on the top left of the Library:

You can view how much content is within each Category by the circled number in the bottom right of each folder:

To make the Category hidden simply move all content within the folder to another Category. Any Category that has been added to the Library beyond the pre-loaded Categories can also be deleted. This will move all content within to the “TBD” category.

It is also possible to restrict access to certain library categories by making them confidential. For more on who can access what, please see our Library Access Logic article, or to read more on confidential categories specifically please see our Confidential Categories article.

Final Note:

Remember, Only huddles that have been published will be found in the Library. Any unpublished huddles will be saved in the Publisher only.

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