What is a Pitch?

A Pitch is a collaborative activity, utilizing video recording, executive, and peer reviews. 

Use cases for the utilization of Pitch include messaging alignment, elevator pitches, product demo, and objection handling.

The combination of video and mobile allows a team(s) to with share best practices, and get on message.

How it works:

A Pitch contains multiple modules:

The Start here tab is the introduction page where you can see a summary of the Pitch subject, including the description, instructions, and Team Summary.

The Instructions tab displays the best practice coaching video, supporting documents/material, and scorecard all exist.

The My Video tab is the location where you (the participant) can upload your Pitch recording. Acceptable video file format includes MP4, MOV, and WMV.

* We encourage everyone to record their video Pitch on their mobile device. Download the SalesHood app and go through your Pitch on the app.
* Video Over Slide Presentations can be recorded on mobile. 

The Review tab is where you will see Pitch submissions from other participants. It will also display which participants you’ve watched and reviewed – click on any submission to score/review the pitch submission.

The Team Videos tab displays all participants ranked by score, with their corresponding view and review counts. 

The Q&A tab is where participants can ask and address questions he/she may have regarding the Pitch. To the right, it also provides a Feed, where the host, and participants will be able to track who and when participants have submitted their Pitch.

We have made Pitches easy-to-use through your mobile device. Download the mobile app and record Pitch videos on phones. Here is how the experience looks through the mobile app.

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