What is a Huddle?

Huddle is a compilation of learning tools designed to facilitate in-organization learning.

Huddles allow teams to “huddle” around a particular topic using different types of content modules to collaborate and share knowledge. They contain completion and scoring metrics so Coaches and Managers can track Participant’s progress and evaluate their knowledge of the content.

How to Create a Huddle

There are a few different ways to create a huddle.

From the Library

At the top right of a Library page click on +New and select Huddle from the drop menu

From the Universal Content Creator

Click on the Universal Content Creator button in the top right of the screen and select Huddle

From the Huddle Publisher

In the left hand corner click on the menu button and select the Huddle Publisher

In the Huddle Publisher click on +Create New Huddle Template

Huddle Types

The first thing to consider when creating a Huddle is which type to choose, based on who/how you want to participate.

There are two types of Huddle: Open and Scheduled.

Open Huddles are accessible by everyone in the instance, and do not have Hosts or Assigned Participants.

Scheduled Huddles are accessible by Coaches, Managers, and assigned Participants, and are facilitated by a Host.

For an in-depth overview of the different Huddle types, see: What is the difference between an Open and a Scheduled Huddle?

Building and Publishing a Huddle

After you select your Huddle type (Open or Scheduled) and click “Create,” you will be taken to the Huddle publishing page:

The Classic View

The Modern View

Here, you can add modules, configure the attributes (title, description, category, etc), turn Hidden Activities on, and send out a Huddle invite message to your assigned Participants (if it’s a scheduled Huddle).

Your written text is now auto-saved if you refresh the page or navigate outside of SalesHood. All you need to do is, refresh the page you’re on and the message below will appear. Select the icon to the left of the message to restore your content. Our auto-save feature works when building content as well as interacting in the platform. This means comments, exercise responses, and all other written text is auto-saved throughout the platform!

Best Practices

Select “Save” to save any content changes made to the huddle. You can also use the Preview button to view and interact with the content exactly as your Participants will see it:

Once you are ready for the Huddle Template to go-live, simply click Publish and it will appear in the Library category you’ve designated (if no category is specified, it will default to the TBD folder).

If at any time you navigate away from your Huddle before publishing, you can find the unpublished template(s) in the Huddle Publisher.


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