What are Confidential Categories?

To learn how to create a category (folder), please click here.

A confidential category is a category that can only be seen by coaches and publishers – users with the manager and individual role will not be able to see the confidential category unless as stipulated below.

  • Once a huddle is added to a confidential category, the participants assigned to that huddle have access to the confidential folder.
    • If they have not completed the huddle, it should also appear on their homepage in To Dos. All files in a confidential category are accessible for all participants of the huddles in that category.
  • Managers will need to be a participant of the huddle to view the confidential category in the library. Only Coaches and Publishers can see all confidential categories within the library.
  • Coaches and publishers can view all huddles in the library/search (even if confidential)
    • Managers cannot view huddles in a confidential folder unless they are a participant of that huddle
    • Participants of a huddle in a confidential category can only view the huddles they are assigned to within the library/search result.
      • I.e. If User A is assigned to Huddle A and User B is assigned to Huddle B, and both huddles are in the same confidential category, User A will only be able to access Huddle A and User B will only be able to access Huddle B even though both huddles are in the same confidential category.
      • Both User A and User B will be able to access/view all the files that are added directly to the confidential category.
      • Each user will only be able to view Supporting Documents that are added to the respective huddles they are assigned to.

Note: Since users aren’t assigned to Open Huddles, only users who have already participated in an Open Huddle will have access to that huddle when put in a confidential category – if a newly created open huddle is placed in a confidential category Individuals and Managers will not be able to access it.

To learn how to create a confidential category, click here.

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