Viewing Buyer Sites inside the instance

When we talk about viewing the Buyer Sites inside an instance, it refers to the ability of viewing the Buyer Sites and its Insights within the instance created by different users.

Roles based Buyer Site View

Not all users have access to all the Buyer Sites and the access based on Roles are listed below:

  1. Owner: The Buyer Site creator, if an Individual/Manager/Publisher Role user, can only view the Site created by them.
  2. Editor: The Buyer Site Editor, regardless of SalesHood Role can view all the sites in which they are added as the Editor in addition to the ones created by them.  Editors can also add Contacts to the Site in which they are added as the Editors.
  3. Manager/Publisher: A Manager and Publisher Users only have access to the Buyer Sites created by them as well as the members of their Team.
  4. Coach: SalesHood Coaches can view all the Buyer Sites created in their instance as well as add/remove content from any Buyer Site.

Viewing “My Sites”

A Buyer Site owner can view all the sites that they have created by visiting the Buyer Sites page and clicking on the My Sites tab.

Scrolling down the My Sites tab displays all the sites created by the Owner along with the summary of Date Created, Site Role, etc.

Viewing “All Sites”

As described above, this option is available to the Coaches, Publishers and Managers. A Coach can view all the sites available in their instance whereas a Publisher/Manager can only view their own sites in addition to the sites created by their team members.

To view All Sites (based on Role) navigate to the Buyer Site page and select All Sites.

Filter/Search for the Sites

By default the “All Sites” page displays the list of all the sites created in the instance subject to User Role. However, to look for specific Buyer Site(s) based on Users/Team/Group/Segments you can now use the Filter to the result.

By selecting appropriate Filter, the search only pulls up the sites based on the Filter criteria. Further, a specific site can also be searched by entering the Title in the Search Box located on the right.

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