Pitch Type: Video Presentation

(There are two types of Pitch: Video Presentation and Slide Presentation.)

Video Presentations are most commonly used. A Video Presentation Pitch is when participants are expected to use their mobile devices to record themselves giving a pitch, product demo, or any sort of video that needs certifying on.

Some use cases for video pitch include:

• Elevator pitch
• Product demo
• Something fun, like a company greeting certification or competition

Please follow these steps on how to set up your Video Presentation Pitch…

Step 1: You must first create your Pitch. To learn how to create a pitch, please click here.

Step 2: Once you’ve created your Pitch, you will be automatically directed to the Start Here page. From this page, click on the [pencil] icon next to the Type: section under the Pitch artwork. (Pitches default to Video Presentation)

Step 3: If you’re trying to change the pitch type, click on the [pencil] icon next to the Type. A pop-up menu will appear in which you can choose between Video Presentation or Slide Presentation. Choose Video Presentation from the options. Click OK when finished.

Participants will now record themselves talking while facing the camera for their pitch.

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