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With the advanced search functionality added in the SalesHood platform, a user can now search for the Huddles, Learning Paths, Pitches, Files, Videos, Folders, and other content faster, easier and in a simpler way than ever.

In addition, the new advance search function also lets the content filter by its Owner, Type, Location, Tags making it convenient for the users to get the desired search result.

The Global Search Box is located on the Homepage and can be accessed from any page within the platform.

To search for a content, you can simply type in the content name in the Search Box and the instant search will display the relevant content in the drop-down emphasizing on the Title and Description of your search result.

Open the recently viewed content

By default, clicking on the Search Box will display the last 5 files/content that were most recently accessed by you followed by an Advanced Search option at the bottom

This is helpful in quickly reviewing the last accessed files/programs without having to type the content name again in the search box.

Open the content from the instant search list

As you type the name of the file, program or content you’re looking for, the instant search will pull the list of the content within the Search Box that matches the entered keywords.

Once you find the content showing up in the result list, you can just click on the relevant content and access it.

Open the content from the searched result

When you’ve entered the content name in the Search Box, you can hit enter button or click on the All result about “keywords” option to display all the relevant searches. This will display all the available content for the entered keywords. You can also use the appropriate filter to narrow down the search result.

Display the result in the List View

By default, the search result is displayed in the List View showing a list of all the available content that matched the keywords you entered.

Display the result in the Thumbnail View

If you want to display the search result based on the Thumbnail of the content, you can click on the Thumbnail view box at the top right. The content will be showed up in the Thumbnail view.

Detail Box

Before you access the file, program or any other content brought up by the search, clicking on the content will open a Detail window on the right displaying the detailed information of that particular content including the Type, Category it is placed in, Created Date, Tags, etc.

To hide the Details box, click on the Hide details button (right arrow button) found above the box.

To get your content faster and easily, you can narrow down your search by using the Advance Search Filters. With the Advance Filters, you can choose to see the content based on its Type, Location, Owner, etc. Below are the detailed description of each Filter available within the Search.

Type: Select the content between Huddle, Path, File, Video, Category to display. You can also use multiple types for your search.

Location: Search throughout the whole instance or within a particular library category by selecting one or multiple locations.

Owner: Get the result based on the owner of the content. Click on the Owner field and select the content owner by entering their name.

Content: Whether the content is External Facing or Archived, it can also be searched using the Advance Search

  • External Facing: The external facing content that is approved to be shared can be easily searched using the new External Facing filter.
  • Archived: Coaches and Publisher users can use the Archived filter to find programs and content that have been archived.

Date: Searching a content using the date when it was first created or last modified is possible by filtering the Date Created and/or Last Modified option in the Advance Search. The Date and Date Range can be adjusted based on the search preference.

Tag Groups & Tags: If a File is associated with any Tag Group, it is possible to filter it based on the Tags Groups it falls into. Once the Tag Groups is selected, any or all the Tags associated with that Tag Groups can be applied. The search will be filtered out according to the Tag Groups and Tags selected.

Sort the Search Result

By default, the search result is sorted as per the Most Relevant search. However, You now have the ability to sort the search result according to the Last Modified, and Content Created Date

The Sort function plays a major role when you want to get the search result sorted off based on it’s Creation or Modified Date.

  • Last Modified: Sort the result based on the Date the content was last modified. The order can be changed from Ascending to Descending and vice versa.
  • Date Created: The result can be sorted based on the date it was created. The order here can also be changed from Ascending to Descending.

Both the Last Modified and Date Created of the sorted content can be viewed by clicking on the down arrow and selecting the options.

Bookmark and Pin the search result

Now bookmarking and pinning the content displayed in the search result is possible by just hovering the searched result and clicking on the Bookmark or Pin option.

Pin a Content: The content from the searched result can be pinned on All users, specific Users/Teams/Groups/Segments homepage. The pinned content will be displayed on their Homepage under the Essentials area.

Bookmark a Content: The content from the searched result can also be directly Bookmarked to your homepage which will be showed in the Bookmarks tab under the Spotlight section.

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