Using the Search Function

Our new search function allows users to search and see a list of huddles, pitches, files, videos, paths, and folders across their company’s instance in SalesHood right from the search bar from any page in the instance. You can even filter specifically the author of the content, tags, or the specific category.

To use this feature, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Type a keyword in the search bar at the top of your homepage.

Step 2: You can either type in the search box to return results or click in the search box to show recently view content and what the content type is. You can then click on any of the results to open that content.

Step 3: You can also do an advanced search by selecting the three lines in the right corner of the screen bar:

Here you can filter by the type of content you’re looking for including paths, huddles, files, categories, videos, and pitches.  This filter will ensure you’re only seeing the content you select.

You can also search by author to filter specific content by the owner of the document.

You can search and filter by specific tags as well:

Lastly, you can always search for content within a specific category or subcategory!

You can apply multiple levels of filters in your search to narrow down your search for specific content!

Step 4: Once you apply your filters and search, your results will populate

From this view, you can remove filters by selecting the X next to the filter name:

You can also filter by specific categories by clicking from one of the categories on the left:

You can always return to the search bar and change your filters from any page in the instance including the search results page!

Changing the View of Search Results

You can change the view of your results between list and thumbnail view by selecting the list or thumbnail icon in the right corner of the search results page.

In order to enable list view, select the list view icon:

In order to enable the thumbnail view, select the thumbnail icon:

You can also show specific details about all of your content by selecting the “i” on the right side. This will provide information about who owns the content, when it was modified, where it lives, etc.

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