Using the “Login As” functionality

What is the Login As functionality?

As the name suggest, Login As functionality allows a Coach user to login as another user from within their instance.

A Coach can directly log in as any user and get into their account in just one click. Login As functionality helps a Coach to troubleshoot user issues, to check how their Homepage looks like, to monitor their progress, etc.

Is “Login As” functionality Active for my instance?

The “Login As” functionality is active for all the customers instances. Only a Coach user can Login As any user.

How to “Login As” a user

A Coach can login as a user by visiting the Manage Users page. Below are the detailed steps:

  1. Go to the Manage Users page by clicking on the Hamburger menu
  2. In the search box > select the user by checking the box
  3. Click on the Actions tab
  4. Select Login As option

This will let the Coach login as the selected user. The Coach will be able to see the same view as the selected user sees on their homepage.

How to return to the main profile

Once the Coach is logged in as a User, in order to exit from their profile they can click on the Return to Manage Users Page to get back to the Manage Users page in their own profile.

The Return to Manage Users Page option is located at the top of the page and it is always visible across all the pages the Coach navigates to.

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