Using Presentations in SalesHood

In this article, we will cover how to start creating, editing and sharing your own custom slide presentations in SalesHood!

For the general overview of the integration, please check out this article.

Upload or Browse for Presentations

To begin, first Upload or Browse for the presentation you would like to edit. This can be done using the toolbar (top), or the presentation browser (on the right).

Note: When uploading a presentation, the job will queue for processing. The presentation must complete processing before it can be edited.

You can also check the processing status of files at any time in the upper-righthand corner.

Edit Your Presentation in SalesHood

If you would like to make edits to the preexisting slideshow, you can now open any presentation from the browser and “Follow” any edits made by other users, “Edit” the presentation in-line, or “Update Tags” to easily find your content.

Clicking on “Edit” will open an in-line presentation editor — no need to open Powerpoint!

Drag and Drop Slides from Multiple Presentations to Create a Custom Deck

Save Your Work for Later or Create Custom Templates

Don’t forget to Clear your slide tray once you’re finished working, otherwise Presentations will just keep your spot from where you last left off.

Sharing Your Presentations in Just a Few Clicks

Presentations makes it easy to share your custom presentations on the go, in no time at all!

From the Top Toolbar

You can also “Comment” or “Like” presentations and view the edit history directly from here.

From the File Browser

You can also share whole folders, or specific decks from the lefthand browser by clicking on the “V” next to the file or folder you would like to share.

Share Live

Another great way to share presentations is to share them live via broadcast. This will allow you to email the tailored deck you’ve just created to recipients via email quickly and conveniently.

To share a presentation live, first play the presentation by either selecting the play button in the slide tray, or in the righthand file browser.

This will open your presentation and display a button below the slides to “Share Live”

Clicking “Share Live” will display a pop-up window to invite your guests to the viewing session.

Here is an example of the email invitation that your participants would receive:

The live session will begin, and you will be able to view participants that join the live session.

If you still have questions about anything covered in this article, or if anything is unclear, please reach out to and we will be happy to assist you!

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