Using Filters in the Library

You can easily find your content with only a few clicks using our filtering by category and tag tools! SalesHood even supports searching by multiple categories or tags.

Filtering by Category

In order to sort by category, navigate to the Library and then select View All Files, followed by the + icon next to Categories:

Once Categories is opened, the drop-down will display all of the categories within the library:

You can then find your content either by scrolling through the drop-down to locate the category the content lives in or typing the category name in the search bar. You’ll then want to select the checkbox to the left of the category!

Scrolling through
Using the search bar

Notice that either way, returns the results for all files that live in the TBD folder! You can also navigate to a category by selecting the category name next to the file type, for example: TBD.

Lastly, to remove the category shown, select the “X” next to the category name on the right!

Filtering by Tags

The steps behind filtering by tags is similar to filtering by categories, navigate to the library, then select Filter to view all of the tags that are loaded into your instance. These tags can be managed via the Manage Tags feature in the Hamburger drop-down menu from your homepage.

You can then filter the content search results by the specific tags, by marking the checkbox next to the tag desired.

In order to remove the tag filter, select the next to the tag.

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