Using Filters in the Library

You can easily find your content in the library with only a few clicks using our filtering by tags and content toggles.

Filters can be found at the top of the Library page:

This article will go over the ways the different filters can be used to locate your content.

Filter by Content Type

Select the Type filter and select which content type you would like to view

Filtering by Tags

Navigate to the library, then select Filter to view all of the tags that are loaded into your instance. These tags can be managed via the Manage Tags feature in the Hamburger drop-down menu from your homepage.

You can then filter the content by the specific tags, by marking the checkbox next to the tag desired. You can also search specific tags by typing into the Tag search.

You can also use the filter within Categories/SubCategories to view content according to their tags.

In order to remove the tag filter, select the next to the tag.

More Filters

Under the +More Filters option there are 3 additional filters you can select from:

  1. People
  2. Content
  3. Date


Filtering by People will allow you to filter the Library by the content Owner.

Selecting the filter will open a search bar where you can type in the name of the content owner you wish to view


You can now enable files to be customer facing by enabling the external facing tag when uploading files. To enable this, select “Yes” next to external facing under tags when uploading a file.

In the Library, you can select if you would like to view external facing by selecting yes or no. You’ll notice when viewing external facing content, the only categories that appear in the Library are ones that external content is contained in.


Selecting a Date filter will allow you to filter content by the Date Created or its Last Modified date.

Once you select either Date filter, a pop up will appear where you can select the Date range you would like to filter from.

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