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In the SalesHood Library, sometimes you may find trainings or content that you want to access again. You can do this by adding a Bookmark to content that is important to you. That content will appear in your Homepage under the “Content Spotlight” section making it convenient for you to view the Bookmarked items without going through the library search.

Bookmarking empowers anyone to create their own personal library of their most valuable content. Bookmark a Sales PlayBook, Product information, or anything you need frequently.

How to Bookmark a content

Step 1: Access the Library and hover over the content that you’d like to Bookmark.

Step 2: Click on the …” in the top right and select Bookmark from the menu

Step 3: Navigate to your SalesHood Homepage. You can view your bookmarks under the Content Spotlight ”Bookmarks” section

How to Remove a Bookmark

To Remove a Bookmark locate the content that is Bookmarked. Simply hover over the Bookmark icon and click on it. This time, the Bookmark will be Removed from the content and it will disappear from the Bookmarks section

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