Using Bookmarks

When you’d like to save something in SalesHood, you are able to click on the bookmark icon to “bookmark” the content that is important to you. 

Step 1: Locate the bookmark icon or hover over anything in the library. Then select the bookmark. You’ll see “Add to bookmark” appears. 

Step 2: Click on the bookmark icon to add it to your homepage. Once selected, the bookmark icon will become highlighted. 

Step 3: Navigate to your SalesHood homepage. You’ll see that the section on your homepage called “My Hood” shows the item you have just bookmarked. 

Use Case: Bookmarking empowers anyone to create their own personal library of their most valuable content. Bookmark a Sales PlayBook, Product information, or anything you need frequently.

Unsave a Bookmark: To unsave a bookmark, simply click on the bookmark icon to unselect it. You’ll see that the bookmark icon changes to grey to show you that it is no longer highlighted and, thus, no longer bookmarked. 

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