User Management

The Manage Users page is where any functionalities and requests dealing with user management are found.

This includes:

1) Adding users
2) Changing users’ segment or manager/role
3) Deactivating a user
4) Exporting a list of all users (CSV file)
5) Adding/Deleting Segments

To access the Manage Users, click the 3-line menu drop-down and choose Manage Users:

The Elements of the Manage Users Page

1) Add Users – The Add Users function sends users an email alert to let them know they’ve been added into the system, along with a confirmation link to log on and update their profile to get started on SalesHood.  Please advise the user to check their email and click the link within the invitation email to register.

* There are some cases where emails do not show up in users’ inboxes. Please check spam inboxes or contact to assure notifications are turned on for the company instance.

2) Import – The Import function is where you will be adding users into your company instance, or updating the demographics (Manager, Segment, etc) for current users. You can upload users either with an XLSX, XLS, or CSV file that has been filled out or through the text option where users are imported manually.

3) Export – The Export function will automatically save a CSV file of the current user list that is showing on the page.

The CSV file that is exported contains the following columns: First Name, Last Name, Email, Title, Role, Manager’s Name, Manager’s Email, Segment

* Depending on how the list is currently filtered, this export can be of every user in the company instance or will only reflect the names that have been filtered.

4) Manage Segments – The Manage Segments pop-up menu will allow you to add/delete the different segments in your organization.

5) Filtering – You can filter the user list by drilling into the filter options next to the three fields: Segments, Teams (Managers’ names), and Roles.

6) Actions – The Actions tab allows you to make the following changes for any or all the users on the list:

• Change Segment
• Change Manager (team)
• Change Role
• Deactivate

* Click the checkbox next to each user’s name to make changes to that specific person.

7) Search Bar – The search bar allows you to search for specific users that are on the list.

* The search function will only work for names and not emails. 

8) Reset Filter – Clicking the reset filter option will re-populate the list of users to its original form with every person in the company instance.

* For Managers, the list will show everyone on their team.

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