Uploading files into category folders

Please follow these steps below on how to upload files into category folders…

Step 1: In the content library, click on the [+ New] tab at the top left of the category icons. Select File from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: A page will appear where you will be able to upload your file(s).

Upload: This tab is how you will be uploading a file from your computer…

a) Click the browse link:

b) From your computer central drive, select the file you wish to upload:

c) The file will now appear on the page:

d) Assign the file to a category and description by clicking on the [pencil] icons next to the section:



e) Click Done when finished. The file will appear when you drill into the category folder that it was assigned to:

Existing File: This feature allows you to move existing documents that are already in the system so they can be managed in different categories.

a) Type in the name of the existing file you wish to assign to a category. The list will identify your text and populate a list.

b) Assign it to the proper category:

c) Click Done when you are finished.

When you drill into the category folder, the file will be blended along with the huddles inside the folder.

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