Upload artwork to your Huddle

The Huddle Artwork is simply giving a better look to your Huddle by adding the thumbnail icon, adding color to the Title Text and setting proper alignment, etc. When creating a Huddle, you are able to use personalized images or logos to align with your branding efforts.

Set up Huddle Artwork

Please follow these steps on how to upload artwork for your Huddle:

Step 1: On the Huddle Overview page, select the pencil icon in the left corner of the Huddle Artwork pane.

Step 2: From the pop-up menu, check Upload. This will automatically shift the viewpoint to include an Upload tab to click.

Step 3: Locate the image file from your computer then click OK when finished.

Step 4: Click Save and select Preview to see how the artwork looks on the Overview page of your huddle.

Customize Huddle Artwork

Company Logo: You can customize the Huddle Artwork with your company logo. Click on the Customize button and select the Company Logo

Background Color: This option allows you to set a background color in your Huddle thumbnail.

Display Title: Displays the Title in the Huddle thumbnail. Unchecking this option will not display the Huddle Title and disable further Title options.

Title: Displays the Huddle Thumbnail Title. You can give a suitable Title to the Huddle Artwork to display

Title Color: Allows you to select a preferred Title color

Horizontal: Used to select the Title horizontal alignment from Left/Center/Right

Vertical: Used to select the Title vertical alignment from Top/Center/Bottom

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