Universal Content Creator

What is Universal Content Creator?

The Universal Content Creator refers to the functionality to create content, add files/folders, or capture stories, from anywhere in the SalesHood platform. The Universal Content Creator gives you ease-of-use and access to key functionality throughout the platform.  

Where is Universal Content Creator located?

The UniversalContent Creator is located at top-right of the Page. It is available throughout all the pages within the platform.

Step1: Locate the + icon in the upper-right corner of your screen and click on it. A menu will display showing what types of content you have the ability to create.

  • Access to the content creator varies on your permission/role in SalesHood.* 

Step 2: To create content, simply choose the content type and you will be prompted to begin the process for that specific type of content. 


  • They list of types of content you see will depend on your role permissions. 
  • Individual role users will see only the option to “Record/Upload,” including recording a Deal Win or Story.  
  • Manager, Publisher, and Coach Role users will see a full list of content types organized by type.

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