SalesHood Analytics – Treemaps

Treemaps display your data hierarchically as nested rectangles. Treemaps are useful for comparing proportions within the hierarchy.

  • In the above example, we are comparing Huddle Completion % for three specific Huddle Events (007 – Mutal Plans, 2018 V2MOM, New Product Release), grouped by Segment.
  • The different rectangle sizes represent the varying completion percentages for each Segments.
  • The different colors represents the three Huddle Events. These colors can be customized in the Configuration options.

With treemaps, you can also:

  • Display values as a percentage.
    You must add date or an Attribute to the View By section.
  • Segment the treemap by attribute. The treemap will show the attributes as different shades of a color.
  • To add Attributes to the Segment By section, you must have only a single item in the Measures section.

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