The Video Player

This article will cover each component of the SalesHood video player.


The share feature allows you to generate a URL link directly to your video, or an embedded link which you can use to post to a your internal company sites.

Please note: Anyone accessing the video via the link will need to have access to the SalesHood instance which it was uploaded to.


Using the vertical “…” menu, you can easily download a .mp4 copy of SalesHood videos and upload them to other 3rd party websites and applications.

Transcription & Closed Captions

For those who work in loud environments, are hearing-impaired, or even just enjoy learning through reading rather than listening – SalesHood transcriptions have you covered.

Transcript will open a dialogue to the right of the video and display time stamps next to each spoken section. Easily navigate to that point in the video by clicking on the time stamp in the dialogue.

You can also search for keywords, as well as copy any of the dialogue directly from SalesHood, making note-taking a breeze!

Video Speed

One of our latest video enhancements is for those who are on the go and might have less time to get the information they need from a video, or perhaps want to slow it down to allow for more time to absorb the material. You now have the ability to control the speed of any video in SalesHood, with settings to watch at half speed, one-and-a-half times faster, or twice as fast.

Watch Time Syncing

Within a video module, we sync your last watched location between the desktop and mobile, just like how Netflix works with movies and shows. For example, if you watch 50% of a video on the desktop, take a pause and then return to watching your video on the desktop or mobile, the system will remember where you left off at the 50% mark.

If you have any questions or need further assistance with this feature, please reach out to

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