The Product Ideas Board

Here at Saleshood, we are continuously improving our platform and would love to hear your feedback! The Product Ideas Board lets you view and leave feedback on features enhancements we are considering on adding to our roadmap, as well as contribute your own ideas and improvements to the platform. The Product Ideas Board is your direct channel to share your thoughts with the Saleshood Product team.

Where to Find the Product Ideas Board

To access the Product Ideas Board,

  1. Click on the ? in the bottom left corner of the global menu.
  2. Click on the Product Ideas Board.

The Parts of the Product Ideas Board

In the Product Ideas Board there are two main functions. Firstly, the ability to view current features being considered, in progress, or completed by our product. Secondly, is the ability to leave your own feature suggestions.

Viewing and Leaving Insight on Current Saleshood Features

When first accessing the Product Ideas Board you will see 3 tabs across the top of the screen:

  1. Under Consideration – Features that are being considered to be added as feature, that are not yet part of the roadmap
  2. In Progress – Features that are being worked on and will be added to the roadmap for future release
  3. Released – Features that have been released and are active on Saleshood

Selecting any of these options will then allow you to see the different individual features under each category in a tile. Clicking on one of the tiles will provide you with a write up with notes on what are included in the features along with questions from our Product team may have.

To leave your feedback on these features, select one of the 3 importance level options (Nice-to-have, Important, or Critical) for the question “How important is this to you?”. Once you have selected your importance level you will then be given a text box in which you can submit your comments to our Product team.

Submitting a New Feature Idea

If you have a new feature idea you would like to share with our Product Team, select the +Submit Idea button in the top right of the Product Ideas Board.

You will then see the following pop up to add information on your ideas within.

Some helpful things to include when submitting an idea would be:

  • Why would you like to have this feature to functionality?
  • What are some use cases for the feature you are requesting?
  • What are your current pain points without the feature?

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