The Huddle Publisher

The Huddle Publisher is the page in SalesHood that’s an alphabetical repository for all the Huddles that are Unpublished/in edit mode.

*All published huddles are found in the Library.

How to find the Huddle Publisher

The Huddle publisher can be accessed via the Hamburger menu in the bottom left-hand corner next to your profile icon

This page is only accessible by users with Manager, Coach, and/or Publisher roles in the system. Managers can only edit huddles they’ve created.

Huddle Publisher Components

All of your Huddles will automatically sort in alphabetical order, however, you can also search by Huddle name as well using the search bar.

You can also filter the Huddles shown using the dropdown in the upper right hand side.

The Huddle Publisher is defaulted to display your unpublished Huddles in Thumbnail View this can be changed to List View to surface more details on your Huddles as well.

From the Huddle Publisher menu, in addition to Editing Huddles, you can also Create New Huddles and Hide Premium Huddles by clicking the respective tabs for the features.

If you have any further questions regarding the Huddle Publisher, please reach out to

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