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What is the Feed

The purpose of the Feed in SalesHood is to get a snapshot of all the activity going on in your instance.

The activities includes:

  • Huddle Scheduling
  • User Comments in different Huddle Modules
  • Pitch Submissions
  • Test Submissions and Score
  • Users joining the instance

Who can View Feed in SalesHood?

  • The Feed is accessible only to Manager, Publisher and a Coach users.
  • The Individual user do not have ability to view the Feed.

How to view the Feed?

Viewing the Feed is just a one click thing. In order to access the Feed

  1. Click the Hamburger menu (located above Profile icon)
  2. Click View Feed

How the Feed look like?

Here is the Screenshot of the Feed showing various activities by different users.

Questions about this feature? Please reach out to and we will be happy to assist you.

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