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Test modules in SalesHood are a great way to measure the understanding of your participant users. This article will go over test module question types, grading, as well as how to achieve 100% completion. a Test ModuleWe will start by first creating a Huddle with a test module:

Setting Up a Test Module

Huddle Options

Now we can begin editing our test. You will see a few checkboxes just below the name that was set. You can make the module optional (meaning it will not be factored in to huddle completion %) or you can set prerequisites (which will allow you to choose other modules that the user must complete before the test).

You can also add a video or slides to your test module, which would appear to the right of the exam itself once published:

Graders and Scoring

Just below the video and slides section is where you can select a grader for the exam. The grader will be notified upon successful completion by participants, and be prompted to submit grades for any essay questions that require a read-though.

In this area we can also set the number of attempts a participant may use to complete the test, as well as the minimum required score needed for them to pass. Note: required minimum score may NOT be changed once a Huddle is published.

Adding Questions

There are a number of different question types that you may use in the creation of your quiz. Below will go over each type. Please be advised, that once a Huddle is published, you may no longer change a question type or add additional questions.

Multiple Choice – One Answer

This is the most straightforward question type, and allows the creator to set one answer as the correct selection.

Multiple Choice – Multiple Answers

Similar to the above, this question type prompts a selection from the participant, but in this case they must select all correct answers for credit.

Essay – Short Answer

This question type allows the participant user to enter their response in a text box provided. These answers will then be sent to the grader to provide the final score.


The final question type allows the creator to ask a statement question, and then prompts the participant user to select from two options: True or False.

Test Scoring

It is important to note, that the score a participant receives must pass in order to receive  completion for that module. This means that if for any reason a user does not pass, by either failing to reach a minimum score after all attempts are exhausted, or a grader has failed them, they will be shown as “incomplete” for that module.

Final Note:  Please be advised, there are certain aspects of Test modules that cannot be changed once published. For a full list of these, please see this article.

Questions on anything covered in this article? Please reach out to support@saleshood.com and we will be happy to assist you!

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