What is a Team?

A Team is a group of users assigned together. Unlike Segment and Group, a Team cannot be created manually; a user gets assigned to a Team of their Manager.

To learn more about “How to change the Team of a user”, please refer to the article Change user’s Role & Team

Scheduled programs can be assigned to an entire Team for all members to participate.

How a Team is created?

When a user is assigned a Manager, the user automatically gets added to that Manager’s Team.

How to view a Team?

A Team can be viewed by Manager, Coach and Publisher from the Manage Users section.

From the Main Menu > click Hamburger button > Manage users.

In the left hand menu, all the Groups, Teams and Segments are available. Clicking on the Teams button will display all the available Team. A particular Team is displayed when clicked upon.

How to add the Team(s) to a Program

This option can be used to add the entire Team(s) to a Program (Scheduled Huddles + Learning Paths).

How to add the entire Team to a Scheduled Huddle?

From the Scheduled Huddle Overview section, an entire Team can be added into the Huddle instead of adding participants separately. In the “Enter participant’s name” box, type the Team/Manager’s name and select the Team from the drop-down list. Having selected a Team, click on the “Add to Huddle” button to get the Team added into that Huddle.

This will let the entire Team to get added into the Scheduled Huddle.

How to add the entire Team to a Learning Path?

While creating a Learning Path an entire Team can be added into that Learning Path hence allowing a Host to add all the participants from a particular Team to get added by just one click.

In the “Start Here” section of a Learning Path. Type the Team or Manager’s name in the “Enter participant’s name” box > select the Team from the drop-down list > click “Add to Learning Path” button.

The entire Team will get added into the Learning Path.


  • A User can be added to one or multiple Teams within an instance.
  • A User with Individual Role will be automatically assigned to their Manager’s Team.
  • Users with Coach, Manager and Publisher Role can have no Team assigned.
  • When a User’s Manager is changed, their Team will also change to the Team of the new Manager.  

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