Tagging Huddles for SFDC Plugin

We improved our SFDC plugin even further with the ability for coaches to tag huddles directly in the huddle or Library.

What does this mean? If you have huddles that are key to your organization’s sales process they will now surface just-in-time within the plugin. To tag a huddle, simply go to the “Overview” page of a published huddle and select “Manage Tags”.

From “Manage Tags” a dialog box will appear with all your pre-created Tag Groups. If you do not have the SFDC plugin enabled or tagged, the dialog box will appear empty.

Once you select the tags from the dialog then select “Update” then the huddle will appear in your SFDC plugin when the tags match. You can also do this from the Library by clicking on the “…” ellipses of a huddle then “Tag”.

Note: For huddles to appear in your plugin, please update via AppExchange to the latest version.

Contact support@saleshood.com with any questions on how to setup the SFDC plugin for your company or learn more here https://support.saleshood.com/knowledge-base/saleshoodsalesforce-content-management-app/

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