Synching and Uploading Files in the Library

SalesHood is a place to store all of your content including files storing in other content management systems! In this article, we will dive into manually upload and syncing.

What is the difference between syncing files or uploading?

Synced files – Real time version of the file lives within SalesHood just as it lives in GoogleDrive, Dropbox, etc and will sync updates to SalesHood automatically.

Uploaded files – The file is uploaded once and isn’t updated. This is useful for documents that do not change frequently if at all.

Syncing Files

We currently offer the ability to sync files and folders from Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and Box in real time. Below are articles which go over syncing with these providers more in detail:

One note to keep in mind is access. The user attempting to access the file must have access to the parent folder that the file lives in Box, Dropbox, Sharepoint or GoogleDrive. If the user does not have access, they will not be able to view the file in SalesHood.

File and folder names also cannot be edited within SalesHood. They will synced to SalesHood as they appear in Box, Dropbox, etc. However, certain exceptions apply.

Please note: The “.” symbol used in file and folder titles is not supported in SalesHood and will cause a portion of the text to be cut off.

Have issues with your content syncing? Perform a force sync within the subfolder that is not syncing by clicking the Sync button!

Syncing files/folders from External Sources

Different files and folders can be synced from the external sources into the SalesHood Library.

To learn more about adding the files/folders into the SalesHood library, please refer the article: Add files from third-party external source.

Rename the synced content from External Sources

After the files, folders, or any content is synced through different External Sources (Box, Google Drive, SharePoint, Dropbox, Shufflrr Presentations), you have the ability to rename the synced content without impact the original content.

To rename any synced file simply hover over the file name and click on the Pencil icon to rename the file with a new name.

To rename the synced folders follow these steps

  1. Locate the synced files/folders in the library
  2. Hover the mouse to the “…”
  3. Click on the Edit
  4. in the pop-up box appeared, add a New Name to the file/folder
  5. Click Update

NOTE: Once you rename the file in Saleshood, if the synched file name is updated at the file source, the name will not automatically update in Saleshood.

Uploading Files

Files can be uploaded directly into SalesHood in just a few steps!

In order to upload a file, navigate to the Library and then select New > File from the drop-down.

A file can then either be dragged and dropped into the window or selected through the browser. You will then be asked to assign a category to the file. Tags can also be added to the file in addition to a description to expedite in the search result process.

Once the file has been uploaded and category is selected, select Done and the files now lives in the category selected within the instance.

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