Sync Dropbox Items to SalesHood Library

Dropbox is a cloud content management and file sharing service for businesses and individuals. If you use Dropbox to manage content for your business you can sync the files and folders directly to the SalesHood library so they can be used in SalesHood programs and tagged to be pulled into Salesforce via SalesHood’s Content Management Application for Salesforce.

Follow these steps to sync content from Dropbox to SalesHood:

  • Navigate to the Category in the SalesHood library you’d like your Dropbox files to reside. You have the option of selecting a Category when importing the files as well.
  • Click the “+New” button in the top left, then select Dropbox from the External Sources list:
  • Click “+Add” to select and add content from your Dropbox to SalesHood. (note: the first time you bring in content from Dropbox you’ll prompted to login to Dropbox and authorize the SalesHood app):
  • After clicking “Choose” to bring the content into SalesHood you can tag that content for easier discoverability and for use with the Salesforce Content Management App. Click “Done” in the top right to complete the process:

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