Switching Between SalesHood Instances

Within SalesHood it is possible to have access to multiple SalesHood instances. If you belong to multiple instances of SalesHood, there are two types of instances you can access, a Primary or Secondary instance. The Primary instance, is your main instance that you would login into. Once you log into your Primary instance, you can switch between your other connected instances, or secondary instances.

This article will go over how to swap between the different SalesHood instances.

On Web

1. Click your profile image in the bottom left corner of the screen

2. Click on the instance you’d like to switch to under Partner Accounts

On Mobile

1. Tap your User Icon on the top left of your screen

2. Tap on the instance you wish to switch to under “Partner Accounts”


  • You must activate your account(s) first
  • Your primary instance is the first account you activate, and that will be the account you’re automatically logged into if you logout or quit your session – contact support@saleshood.com if you need us to change your primary account
  • Please be aware of which instance you’re logged into when creating programs, accessing content, or doing work

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