Resources and Supporting Documents

The Supporting Documents and Resources are considered as an additional information source added into the Huddle Modules for the users to review.

Supporting Documents and Resources can be added into the following Modules of a Huddle:

  • Link or File
  • Pitch

The following types of files can be uploaded in the Supporting Documents

  • png, jpg, jpeg
  • ogg, mpeg, mp4, 3gpp, webm
  • pdf
  • mp3, ogg, wav, m4a
  • doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xlsx, csv

How to add Supporting Documents

Modern View

In the Modern View, to add a Supporting Document place the huddle into edit mode by clicking on Edit in the top right

Once in Edit mode, under Resources select + Add New

In the Add Resources window select how you would like to add your resource:

  1. Upload File – Upload a local file into Saleshood
  2. Select Existing – Select a file that has been uploaded into the Saleshood Library
  3. Add URL – Add a URL to an external site

Once you have selected your Resource click on Add to add the resource

Note: Resources added into a modern huddle only apply to the module/overview page you have uploaded it to. For example if you upload a Resource into the Overview screen, the resource will not appear in the other modules added to the huddle.

Classic View

Overview Screen

From the Classic View, supporting Documents can be added to a Huddle first through the Overview tab.

Click on the + and select File or Link

After adding your resource to the huddle, it will appear in the Supporting Documents section. By default the document will only exist in the Overview screen. If you would like to have the Supporting Document appear in all modules of the huddle, click on the pin icon.

Through the Module

Supporting Documents can also be added to individual modules while editing a huddle module.

In the Huddle Module, from the Supporting documents section > click Attach files

Supporting Documents contains two options:

  1. Upload files from the system
  2. Add URL

Upload: upload a file from the system.

Add URL: Add the URL containing more information for the users to access

After uploading the files or adding the URL, click the Save button. 

The Supporting Documents/URL will be added to the Huddle Module and the users will be able to access the additional information while completing the Huddle in the form of Supporting Documents added.

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