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Being able to capture goals, successes, accomplishments, and stories using video is a great way to engage your teams and build culture. Video storytelling is an important component in SalesHood that supports how teams are able to share knowledge and best practices.

SalesHood’s Stories Recorder enables easy mobile recording with image overlays (such as slides or pictures that are captured in-field) that can add a richness to the story. People in your organization will be able to create meaningful and dynamic videos about their accomplishments and work, which are then transcribed, tagged, and added to a dynamic video library within SalesHood. By crowdsourcing the experiences and cultural cues throughout your company, these stories reinforce the connections that will accelerate employee and partner engagement by capturing company moments at scale.

Some examples of crowdsourced stories are:

  • Deal win stories
  • Customer success stories
  • References
  • Opportunity updates
  • Product launches
  • Demonstrations
  • Executive broadcasts
  • Company cultural moments
  • Team events
  • Personal experiences
  • New hire tips
  • Manager coaching


To record a Stories video, first ensure that the SalesHood mobile app is downloaded onto your camera-equipped mobile device.

The SalesHood mobile app is available in the iTunes App Store for iOS or in Google Play for Android:


While on any page, select the Stories tab at the bottom to access the Stories library:

Click the + icon at the top right of the page, then choose which type of video you’d like to record, Deal Win or My Story:

Deal Win

Deal Win stories use customized guided interview questions that prompt people to share structured answers to a deal they recently closed. Being able to watch the top performers in your organization explain how they won deals–then facilitating that video as collaborative content for the broader organization–allows companies to leverage different processes for success.

To record a Deal Win story, select Deal Win from the story type (above). Once on the recording page, there will be an instructional walk-through of the recorder’s functionalities:

Note: At any time, you can tap the page to continue the instructions or tap the Skip option at the bottom of the page to bypass the instructions. If you would like to bring back the instructions, tap the ? icon at the top right of the page.

The recorder contains default slides based on SalesHood’s own best practices, or slides that have been customized by a Coach in your organization. Users are able to add their own additional slides to customize their Deal Win story by swiping to the right of the slides carousel then selecting the + Add Slide tab:

In addition, users can re-organize the slides by swiping up on the page to access the Organize Slides page, then hold-and-dragging the slides in the order they wish:

There are a number of options you can use to personalize the type of video to record:

  • Over Slides – The Over Slides option places your camera view at the corners of the slides using either a front-facing (selfie) view or the rear-facing view. The video box can be clicked and dragged to any corner of the slide window. This option allows the active slide to stay at the forefront of the video as the person is narrating the story.
  • Slides The Slides option removes the video box from the recording and keeps the active slide at the forefront. Users will swipe through the slides and use his/her talk track to narrate the video.
  • Camera – The Camera option removes the slide from the video and allows the user to record him/herself talking while in the front-facing view, or to narrate what is being recorded from the rear-facing view.
  • Over Video – The Over Video option reverses the Over Slides option by placing the person’s video at the forefront with the slides at the corners of the window. The slide can be clicked and dragged to any corner of the video while the person’s video is recording.

My Story

My Story stories are an authentic and personalized way for people on your team to record their videos. These stories will then be kept in the library where others will be able to share comments and encourage success on, or be repurposed for training content at a later time.

Some popular use cases for My Story recordings have been:

  • Note-taking for whiteboard sessions
  • Capture videos as a way of reporting in-field at a conference
  • People giving gratitude to their team and leaders

To record a video on the mobile app, first select the Stories tab to access the Stories library. While in the library, tap the icon a the top right of the page, then choose the My Story option:

The recording page will default to the Over Slides option, which will have your camera view at the top corner and the slides window blacked out until a slide is added to your video:

To add a slide, tap the + Add Slide button at the bottom, then either choose a photo from your device’s photo library or taking a photo in real-time.

Note: The functionalities of the options to personalize the video type are the same as the ones outlined in the Deal Win stories recorder above.


Once your Deal Win or My Story video has been recorded, it will automatically import as a video file in the Stories folder within your SalesHood content library. This folder is accessible on the web app by selecting LibraryStories.

From the mobile app, you will be able to search for videos by the user’s name who uploaded it or by the keywords of the video’s title. In this example, we searched for the user “Dina” and her video appears:

This is the video file as it appears in the Stories folder, followed by the file page if we click into it:

These videos can be recorded then added into any Huddle as content. While a Huddle is in edit mode, choose the Select Existing button next to the Video section while building an Exercise, Test, or Video module:

Search for the video under the Stories or Deal Win sections:

Once selected, click the Save Edits button from the Huddle edit page, then Preview. The video will now be a module in the Huddle:

Customers using SalesHood Stories will also benefit from the following features:

  • Transcribe: Automate with speech to text for all videos captured creating a library of searchable best practices.

  • Tag: Automate how videos are shared and prescribed in context to employees and partners by tagging with keywords and custom attributes.

  • Search: All videos are published to the company library and searchable by title, description, and text spoken in video/audio files.

  • Measure: Analyze consumption of stories measuring views, downloads, votes, and comments to gauge impact and usefulness.

  • Coach: Provide just-in-time and in-context coaching and content from user generated stories and experiences.

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