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The Huddle Details report shows overall completion, test scores, activities, and count of passed tests for a specific or multiple Huddle(s). The report itself is in a “Table” format, containing row, columns, and filters (used to limit results to specific criteria).


Since this is a table chart, the data itself are shown within columns.

  • Huddle Event: This column contains the huddle event name. Use this to differentiate one huddle from another.
  • User: This column contains a user’s name who is a participant of the huddle event (column 1).
  • User Manager: This column show the team the user is on, as indicated by their manager’s name.
  • User Segment: The user’s designated segment.
  • Avg. Huddle Completion %: This is the User’s huddle completion % for the specified huddle event.
  • Avg. Test Score: This is the User’s test score, or average test score if there are more than one test module in the specified huddle event. A dash indicates that there isn’t a test module in that huddle.
  • Sum of Activity: This column shows the total activities per user for the indicated huddle.
  • Sum of Test Passed: This is the number of tests passed by the user within the huddle event. A dash indicates that there aren’t any tests in the indicated huddle.


Filters can be used to narrow your results based on specific criteria.

For example, in the image below, by using the User filter, we are able to filter results for “Deborah Scherba” and “Duy Huynh.”

The available filters are: Huddle Event, Huddle Category, User, User Manager, User Segment, Completion Date (when the user completed the huddle), and User Role.


In this example, we are able to obtain the following information:

  • Trevor Buswell and Tri Le (User Column) are both participants of the Huddle Event (Column 1) “After Hours Support Process.”
  • The “User Manager” column indicates that Anne Marie is the manager for both Tri and Trevor.
  • The “User Segment” column indicates that Trevor is not assigned to a Segment while Tri is assigned to the “Engineering” segment.
  • Trevor had a 100% huddle completion, with a test score of 100%, 1 activity, and 1 test passed.
  • Tri had a 0% huddle completion, 0% test score, 0 activities, and 0 test passed.

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