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The Learning Path Details is a report of the overall completion of the learning path in addition to the progress of individuals and teams. The report itself is in a “Table” format, which contains rows, columns, and filters (used to specific criteria).


Since this is a table chart, the data itself are shown within columns.

  • Learning Path: This column contains the name of the learning path
  • User: This column lists the users who are participants of the learning path (column 1)
  • User Segment: Shows which Segment the user is assigned to.
  • User Team: This is the team the user is on, indicated by their Manager’s name.
  • Avg. Learning Path Completion: This shows the overall Path completion for the user.
  • Avg. Test Score: This is the User’s average test score for all the tests contained in the Learning Path. A dash indicates that there aren’t any tests in the Path.
  • Sum of Test Passed: This is the count of tests passed by the user in the learning path. A dash indicates that there aren’t any tests in the Path.


The filters can be used to narrow your report to specific or multiple criteria.

For example, in the image below, by using the Learning Path filter, we are able to only see results for the “2019 Company Kickoff” and “Partner Onboarding” Learning Paths.

The available filters are: Learning Path, User, User Segment, User Team, User Role, User Manager.


In the example (image) above, we are able to obtain the following information from the report:

  • Aileen Ho and Anne Marie are both participants of the “New Employee Onboarding.”
  • Aileen Ho belongs to the “Finance” segment, while Anne Marie is not assigned to any segment.
  • Aileen Ho is on Thuong Truong’s team, while Anne Marie is listed under her own team (indicating that she herself is a Manager).
  • Aileen Ho has 75% completion and Anne Marie has a 56% completion for the learning path.
  • Aileen Ho has a 100% average test score and has passed two tests, while Anne Marie has a 50% average test score and has only passed one test.

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