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This article shows how to create a summary report of a user in Report Builder. The example mentioned in this article gives you a detailed explanation on what the Individual Summary attributes are and how to arrange it.

Let’s learn a detailed summary of how each user on the platform is performing in terms of program completion, test scores, activities, deal wins contributed, etc.

This is a great way to compare the relative performance of individuals to one another or across teams or segments.

The report itself is in a “Table” format, containing row, columns, and filters (used to limit results to specific criteria).


Since this is a table chart, the data itself is shown within columns.

  • User: This column contains the individual’s name.
  • User Manager: This column represents the team the user is on, as indicated by their manager’s name.
  • Activity Count: This is the individual’s total activities within SalesHood
  • Video Watching Time: This is the amount of the time the individual has spent watching videos within SalesHood
  • Huddle Completion: The average huddle completion by the individual for all the huddles he/she is assigned to
  • Pitch Completion: The average pitch completion by the individual for all the pitches he/she is assigned to
  • Learning Path Completion: The average learning path completion by the individual for all the learning paths he/she is assigned to
  • Story Upload: The total number of stories uploaded by the individual
  • Test Passed: The total number of tests passed by the individual


Filters can be used to narrow your results based on specific criteria.

For example, in the image below, by using the User filter, we are able to filter results for “Deborah Scherba” and “Duy Huynh.”

For this specific report, the available filters are:

  • Completion Date: The date in which the individual has completed any activities
  • Huddle Category: The specific huddle category(-ies) in which the Individual(s) engagement is summarized.
  • Pitch: The specific pitch(es) in which the individual engagement is summarized
  • Pitch Category: The specific pitch category(-ies) in which the Individual(s) engagement is summarized.
  • User: Filter by specific users or users
  • User Manager: Filter by specific User manager
  • User Segment: Filter by specific User Segment

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