Sharing Badges to LinkedIn

After being awarded a Badge for completing programs within Saleshood, share your accomplishments with others by displaying them on your LinkedIn page!

Add the Badge to your LinkedIn

  1. Click on your User Icon in the bottom left corner of the screen and select the “User Profile” option

2. On your user profile, click on the Badge that you would like to share and select the LinkedIn “Add to profile” button

3. Clicking on the “Add to Profile” button will take you to LinkedIn. Once logged in you will see the following window. Select “Save” to share the badge.

The Badge will then appear on your profile under “Licenses & Certifications”

Assigning Your Company as the Issuing Organization

When adding a badge to a LinkedIn profile, the default “Issuing Organization” will be the name of the Saleshood instance the Badge is associated with. With a Company Admin user role, you can update this information to default the Issuing Organization to your Company’s LinkedIn.

  1. Select the hamburger menu in the bottom left corner and select “Company Settings”
  2. Select “Integrations”
  3. Under “Linkedin Organization Information” enter your company’s LinkedIn Organization ID

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