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SharePoint is an industry-leading enterprise tool for intranets, secure document management, collaboration, and much more. With SalesHood, you can integrate your sites, folders, and files from SharePoint directly into the Library and Huddles in your company.

Important: Before setting up SharePoint you will need Company Admin access in your SalesHood instance and Manager permissions within SharePoint to integrate with SalesHood.

Authenticate with SharePoint

Before authenticating with SharePoint, please ensure you have “Company Admin” access in SalesHood. If you do not have the Company Admin role learn more here. Also, please note that it is required by SharePoint to re-authenticate every 6 months for all integrated sites, we will notify you in SalesHood and via email.

1. As Company Admin, go to the “Company Settings” page under the hamburger menu.

2. In the “Integrations” tab you will see a SharePoint section. In the top right use the Site URL” box, to enter the url of the SharePoint site you want to connect to.

Note: When connecting to a Sharepoint, make sure that you have Owner/Full Control permissions to the site

Below is an example of a site URL

Note: When adding a site to SharePoint do not include the .aspx at the end of the url. 

For example, instead of “” you would only need to add “” (see the screenshot at the end of the section for further examples of acceptable URLs)

Note: Please ensure everyone in SalesHood has access to the SharePoint site. If they do not, those user(s) cannot view the folders or files in SalesHood.

3. Select “Add” to integrate the displayed site to SalesHood. To complete this step you must have Manager permissions within SharePoint for the displayed site or it will not be available to use.

4. After adding the site you will be redirected to SharePoint to integrate with SalesHood, select the Trust It button:

You have now integrated your first site! You can integrate as many sites you want as long as you have Manager permissions and everyone in SalesHood has access to that site. Here is an example of several sites:

Note: SalesHood can only integrate with sites and subsites, these are the locations that documents reside in (see above for examples).

Please note that SalesHood will not integrate with document libraries (e.g. folders) within a site, this is restricted by SharePoint. 

Importing SharePoint Folders/Files into SalesHood Library

Before importing any folders or files, ensure that all SalesHood users have view access or they will not be able to view the content. To import folders and files as a Coach:

1. In the SalesHood Library, click + New SharePoint:

2. Click the + Add button, then select the File/Folder you would like to import into SalesHood. Click the Add link beside the item when ready:

Note: You can only add folders and files that have been integrated from sites setup by the Company Admin. 

3. Set the category and additional information for the File/Folder then click the Done button.

Note: Sites such as personal sites generated by SP and portal site (Community, PointPublishing Hub Site) won’t be displayed in the dropdown list when clicking on Add + because SharePoint integration cannot access and retrieve content from those sites

View and Download Imported File

SalesHood will display imported files as an external link because of SharePoint restrictions with viewing files.

  • Clicking on Continue will direct users to the preview page of that site on the company’s SharePoint app. Clicking on Download will direct to SharePoint’s download page and–if the user is authorized–it will allow for downloading.

Handling SharePoint Authentication Expiration

Your SharePoint authentication is only valid for 6 months. A Company Admin will need to re-authenticate with SharePoint before the expiration date to prevent your imported content in SalesHood from being inaccessible. If the authentication expires, all content from the expired site will be inaccessible in SalesHood for everyone.

If a site expires, you can re-authenticate as a Company Admin only by following these steps:

1. Go to the “Integrations” tab in the “Settings” page

  1. Select “Reauthenticate” for the expired site
  2. Redirected to SharePoint, select “Trust It” button
  3. That’s it! You will be taken back to the company admin page

Re-authentication Reminder

The system will send reminder emails to the Company Admin to ask them to re-authenticate with SharePoint before the authentication expiration.

Frequency of reminder emails

  • 4 weeks before
  • 3 weeks before
  • 2 weeks before
  • 1 week before
  • Daily until the expiration

Recipients of reminder emails

  • Company Admins

SalesHood will also inform publishers, coaches, and company admins within the Library when a site is near expiration via notification banners.

If you should encounter any issues, please contact SalesHood Support at with a detailed walk-through of the process you took and which issue you encountered. Thank you.

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