Share a Pitch

What is Share a Pitch?

In SalesHood, a Pitch can be shared by the Pitch owner across different users in the instance. Sharing a Pitch with other users is important to drive more engagement and receive feedback.

After a Pitch is uploaded it can be shared within the instance using the Share My Pitch feature in the Pitch Module.

The Pitch can be shared from both Classic and Modern View.

(Screenshot showing Share a Pitch option in Classic View)

(Screenshot showing Share a Pitch option in Modern View)

The recipient user(s) with whom the Pitch is shared, will get an email notification including a direct link to the Shared Pitch. The recipient user can click on that link and access the Shared Pitch.

How to share a Pitch

A Pitch can be shared with single or multiple users at the same time.

 Below are the steps for sharing the Pitch with other users.

  1. Go to the Pitch Module
  2. Click on the Share My Pitch button
  3. Enter the recipient’s name in the popped-up window.
  4. (Optional) Add a message for the recipients.
  5. Once the recipients are added, click on Share button

Before the Pitch is shared, recipient(s) can be removed from the recipients list by clicking on the Delete button located beside the user name.  

How does a Pitch Sharing email look like?

Below is the example of the Pitch Sharing notification email received by the user a Pitch was shared.

If you have any questions regarding Sharing the Pitch, please email us

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