Setting Up SAML SSO for Cyberark

This article is about setting up a SAML based connection through Cyberark to Saleshood. As an IT Admin, you will need to follow these steps in order to establish the SSO connection with SalesHood.

1. Login into an Cyberark account: If you are using User Portal, change to Admin Portal

2. Go to Apps > Web Apps

3. Select Add Web Apps

4. Under the Search tab look for Saleshood. Select “Add” to add the “Saleshood” application

5. Select “Yes” to confirm the application add. Exit out of the Add Web Apps screen and you will be taken to the Saleshood App settings.

6. Under Settings enter your Saleshood domain under Corporate Identifier (Your subdomain can be found in your instance URL (https://[subdomain]

7. Under Permissions use the Add button to select and add users to access the application.

8. Go to the Trust tab, and copy the SAML Provider URL
 and Download Metadata File. Send them to along with the company name.

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