Setting up the Salesforce Web Tab Integration

To set up the SalesHood web tab in Salesforce to access the app through Salesforce, please follow these steps…

Step 1:  Access the Setup page and search for “tabs” in the Quick Search Bar. Click on Tabs under Create.

Step 2:  Select New under the Web Tabs section, then choose a Web Layout.

Select either Full page width or 2 columns with slider.

* Recommended: Full page width

Step 3: Define the content and display properties…

• In the Tab Label”, label it “SalesHood”.
• Select a Tab Style.
• Provide a description.

Step 4: Please type in your company’s SalesHood subdomain:

* If you don’t know the company subdomain, please contact to request for the company subdomain to complete this step.

Step 5:  Add to profiles then add to your custom apps then select Save.

Step 6:  Click on SalesHood from the + sign on your Salesforce console. SalesHood is now accessible through your Salesforce instance.

Please keep in mind:

  1. Users using SalesHood-Google SSO must log into Google first, before attempting to access SalesHood within Salesforce.
  2. Users using SalesHood-Okta SSO must also make the following change in Okta.

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