Setting Badge Expiration Dates

The Badging feature in Saleshood is a great way to award your users certifications for completing their various learning programs. In some situations, a user may be required to re-take program periodically to re-earn their certification (For example, Security Awareness or Compliance Training).

In cases like these, Badges can be set up to have an expiry where users will lose their Badge award until they complete their required criteria again.

A Coach and Publisher can set create a new Badge and therefore, set the expiry of the new or existing Badge.

How to Set an Expiration on a Badge

  1. When creating a New or Editing an existing badge, check the “Badge will expire…” box to turn on the option
  2. Enter a number in MONTHS to set the amount of time the Badge will be valid for. The expiration date assigned is a dynamic date based on the award date.

NOTE: If a badge with an expiration date is awarded to a user, they will NOT lose the badge for any reason until the badge is expired, including if the user does not meet the criteria of the badge.

  • For example, if a user was awarded the badge that had a Learning Path as a part of the criteria, and a new huddle was added to the path, that user will still keep their badge even though they no longer have 100% completion for that Learning Path until their expiration date.

Auto-Renew a Badge

Turning on Auto-Renew will automatically renewed the Badge after it has been expired. As long as the awardee meets the required criteria for the Badge, the Auto-Renew will make the Badge valid again even after its expiry.

The Auto-Renew option is automatically available after the Badge expiry (in months) has been set.

If a user has Auto-Renew turned off, when a badge expires, it will be removed from a user’s profile. They can re-earn their badge by meeting the needed criteria for the badge.

NOTE: If the criteria has no new content to update the badge criteria percentages (meaning a user’s completion percentage for the criteria remains at 100%) the badge will be lost if auto renew is turned off.

  • Taking the same previous example where a user needs to complete Learning Path as a part of the badge criteria, and a new huddle was added to the path, once the user’s badge expiration date passes, to renew the badge, they would need to complete the new huddle to satisfy the criteria for the badge award.

If Auto-Renew is turned on, when a badge expires, if the user still have have full completion of the criteria, their badge will automatically be renewed.

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