Video and Screen Recording

The video and screen recorder is an exciting new feature addition, which allows users to create and share videos of themselves, their screen, or both! Screen recording can be used anywhere in SalesHood where a video may be uploaded or recorded. Some examples of where screen recording can occur are:

  1. The “Start Here” page of a Learning Path or in a Video Module as a content creator.
  2. Within a Pitch Module as a participant of a Learning Path/Huddle.

Recording only works on Firefox and Chrome

How to Screen Record in SalesHood

To begin, first select “Record Video/Screen” on the page you would like to screen record.

After selecting “Record Video/Screen” you will be prompted to allow SalesHood to access your microphone and camera.

Please note: You must allow both camera and microphone access in order to screen  record in SalesHood. For how to make sure these are enabled on Chrome,  click here.

You should now see yourself! Below the video window you will also now see three options: “Camera”, “Screen”, and “Overlay”.

  • Camera (default) – Records just you, without any screen recording.
  • Screen – Records just your screen.
  • Overlay – Records you, as well as your screen.

When using either the “Screen” or “Overlay” option, you will be presented with a pop-up window prompting you to select from one of the following:

  • Your Entire Screen – Capture everything, including all open applications on your computer and the toolbar. This will appear as if the viewing user were remoted in to your laptop.
  • Application Window – Capture all open browser tabs, or select another application to record.
  • Browser Tab – Capture one tab of your browser only.

Click these options in the following order to begin your recording:

How to Stop Recording or Pause

At any point while screen recording, you may pause the video
by clicking on the pause symbol at the bottom of the recording window:

This will allow you to continue recording and pick up where you left off, or review the recording before upload:

To end recording without pausing, select “stop sharing” at the bottom of your browser window:

By clicking either “Stop Sharing” or “Review Recording”, this will then prompt the user with options to “Retake”, “Upload” or “Download” the video.

Note: Please make sure to wait on the page for the upload to finish before performing any other actions or navigating away from the page, to ensure safe upload of your video.

Video Player Enhancements

We’ve improved our video player now to make watching content in SalesHood even easier to use!

  1. Increase Speed – We now offer the ability to slow down or speed up a video. Select the 1x symbol on the playback bar to see options for increasing or decreasing the video playback speed.
  2. Closed Captions and Transcriptions – Select the CC button to choose between seeing captions on the video or transcriptions in a window to the right of the video. *We currently only offer transcriptions and captioning in English at this time. We would love to hear your suggestions for other languages you would like to see supported. Please send those to
  3. Volume Bar – Select the speaker icon to reduce or increase volume.
  4. Full Screen – Increases the size of the video player to full screen.
Transcription with time stamps
Closed captions

If you have any questions, or need further assistance with this feature, please reach out to

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