Plugin Modules (SCORM)

SCORM, or Shareable Content Object Reference Model is a set of standards for eLearning software products. This article will cover SCORM files and how to use them in SalesHood to streamline your training programs.

Note: SalesHood only communicates one direction (receives communication from) Learning Management Systems (LMS). SalesHood does not write back to the LMS that the course was exported from.

SCORM File Requirements

In order to create a SCORM module in SalesHood, you will need to first export a SCORM zip file package that contains the information for the course. The SCORM zip file package must:

  • Be a SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, or HTML5 compliant zip file package output.
  • Contain an index (this will appear in the file package as “index_lms.html”) or an index manifest (this will appear as “lmsmanifest.xml”)
  • Must be set to track completion when some action is taken by participant users (see more below on this)
  • Be in .zip file format with all files contained in the .zip (do not make a .zip of a .zip, SalesHood will be unable to read the packaged files)
  • SCORM file names must not contain any special characters. Please only use standard letters and numbers in the file name.

Completion Flags

In SalesHood SCORM modules, the goal is for your users participate in the module within SalesHood, then once complete update their SCORM completion percentage (and score if applicable) in the reporting of the Huddle or Learning Path.

In order for SalesHood to receive a completion flag, when exporting your SCORM package please ensure that the completion course trigger is set to an actionable item. 

For example:

  • When the final question in a test is answered.
  • When a user clicks “Ok” or “Continue” at the end of a slidshow presentation.

SalesHood will not receive completion flags if the completion trigger is set to items like:

  • When a user views a slide in the sequence
  • When a user as spent a certain amount of time on the module

Creating a SCORM Module

Once you have your .zip file package ready to go, adding it in SalesHood is quick and easy!

1. Create a Huddle

2. Add a “Plugin” module type

3. Click “Upload” to select your .zip file from your computer

When the file has been uploaded successfully, you will see the .zip file name below the upload button:

4. Set SCORM view size

Use the “Dimension” settings to select a height and width for size of the iframe the SCORM file will appear within:

4. Click “Save Edits”, then “Publish Huddle”

5. Allow up to 15 minutes for the SCORM module to render. That’s it!

If you still have questions, or encounter any issues with SCORM in SalesHood, please reach out to and we will be happy to assist you.

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