Scheduled Huddles

Scheduled Huddles are accessible by Coaches, Managers, and assigned Participants, and are facilitated by a Host.

Scheduled Huddles are what will be covered in this article. To read further on the difference between Open and Scheduled Huddle types, please see this article.

Scheduled Huddles – Templates and Events

A Scheduled Huddle has two key components, the Template, and its associated Events. These each have unique SalesHood URLs and characteristics, as covered below.

Here is an example of a Scheduled Huddle Template:

Key Characteristics of the Huddle Template:

  1. The notification banner displayed below the modules of the Huddle, alerting the user that they are on the Template. The Template, and it’s associated modules, cannot be participated in.
  2. The list of Huddle Events displayed to the right of the Overview page, which shows any previously created Events from this template, as well as the specified Learning Paths that these Events have been added to.
  3. The URL of the Template will differ from the URL of each Scheduled Event.
  4. The Library houses all Templates, through which Coach, Manager and Publisher users can navigate to their relevant Huddle Events.

By clicking on one of these Huddle Events on the righthand side, we are taken to that Huddle Event URL.

Key Characteristics of the Huddle Event:

  1. The Activity section displays all participants that have been added to that specific Huddle Event and their completion percentages, as well as allows Host users to add participants individually, or by Team, Segment or Group.
  2. Editing an Event is also done through the Event itself if the user wishes to only edit/delete this specific event.
  3. Email Participants allows the specified Host of the Event to reach out to users that have been assigned to this Event.
  4. Users may participate in Huddle Events, as long as they have been assigned and are not the Host (creator) of the Event.
  5. Scheduled Events will appear on the Homepage of any assigned users.

Final Notes:

The Publisher area of the Huddle Event and Template is where new Huddle Templates can be cloned from this Template, as well as Delete all Huddle Events as well as the Template:

To learn how to Schedule a Huddle Event, please see this article. If you have additional questions or anything is unclear, please reach out to

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