SalesLoft Integration

Integration Overview

Our integration with Salesloft delivers your SalesHood Library directly to your sellers as they utilize Salesloft to engage with their buyers. Find, share, and track the content that your sellers need to close more deals faster using SalesHood with SalesLoft.

After installing this integration in SalesLoft, your sellers can do the following without ever leaving SalesLoft:

  • Access the Presentations content that has been synced to your SalesHood Library.
  • Search for Presentations.
  • Share Presentations in emails, templates, and cadences.

Installing the SalesLoft Integration

Only a user that is both a SalesLoft Admin user and a SalesHood Company Admin user can install and activate the integration. As an admin in SalesLoft:
1. Go to Settings > Integrations.
2. Find SalesHood in the list of integrations.
3. Toggle the SalesHood integration ON.
4. Log in to SalesHood when prompted to do so.

Using the Email and Template Editor Integration

After the successful integration of SalesHood the app in Salesloft, your users can access the integration in the Salesloft Email & Template Editor. In SalesLoft, this can be found when doing the following:

  • Creating and Editing Email Templates
  • Sending Emails to People
Click the SalesHood icon button in the SalesLoft email and template editor to access the SalesHood integration.

Authorize SalesHood

After selecting SalesHood from the list, a popup window will open and you may be prompted to sign into SalesHood in a new tab. If it is displayed, click the button, sign in to SalesHood, then return to the SalesLoft window.

Find your Content

Once authorized, you will have access to your SalesHood Library. In the integration, you will only have access to the files that have been synced to the library from Presentations (powered by Shufflrr). Categories and Subcategories will only be displayed if they lead to content that has been synced from Presentations.

Use the search bar to find content quickly by file or category name.

Find content that has been synced to your Library from Presentations by searching or by using the category structure of the Library.

Preview Content Before Sharing

All files that are found through the integration can be previewed before generating a sharable link for the file. Click the Preview button to open SalesHood in a new tab. You will be navigated directly to the file in the SalesHood Library.

Click Preview to preview the file in the SalesHood Library in a new tab.

Share Content

To share content, select a file in the integration and click the “Share” button. By clicking the “Share” button, you are generating a sharable Presentations link. After generating the link, you will be able to customize the hyperlinked text that will be inserted into the email/template.

Select content, then click the Share button to generate a sharable link for the file.
Enter your Display Text to customize the hyperlinked text in the email.

Authorize Presentations

The first time that you attempt to share a presentation in SalesLoft, you may be asked to input your Presentations (Shufflrr) password. At this step, simply enter your Shufflrr password to generate a shareable link the content.

You must already have a Presentations (Shufflrr) account in order to share content. If you have forgotten your Shufflrr password or do not yet have one, click the link below the Submit button, reset your password, return back to SalesLoft, and enter your new password.

You should only have to authorize Presentations once per year.

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