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You can integrate a variety of applications with SalesHood to boost your sales performance and revenue growth. Integration also enables easy transitioning of your data between SalesHood and other applications you use.

In this article we will learn about a range of application that you can integrate with SalesHood to achieve revenue-oriented result more effectively.


Let your users’ login to SalesHood using the authentication method your company is using. Currently SalesHood supports all type of SAML, OAuth 2.0, Microsoft AD FS.

Here is the list of some commonly used IdPs supported by SalesHood for user authentication.

Integration with CMSs

Bring your content to SalesHood library from different third-party Content Management Systems (CMSs). The inbuilt integrations of SalesHood with the below applications allow its content syncing into SalesHood library with a smooth and seamless experience.

Integration with Salesforce

Powered by Paragon, now you can use the SalesHood content inside Salesforce to boost sales efficiency by sharing content, tracking effectiveness and more.

Here are the SalesHood applications in App Exchange.

  • SalesHood Guided Selling: Used for sharing content within Salesforce. The External Facing content from SalesHood is pushed to an Opportunity of any account within Salesforce. The customer can also use the custom fields, tags, and filters to tailor the content.
  • SalesHood Correlation Engine: This app also allows the customers to correlate the sales enablement programs data with sales performance metrics through reporting.

Apart from the App Exchange application, SalesHood can also be opened directly within the Salesforce using the SalesHood <> Salesforce Visualforce Tab integration.

  • SalesHood Visual force Tab integration: Open SalesHood separately or from within SalesHood. The SalesHood integration with Salesforce enables setting up the SalesHood tab inside SFDC for easy navigation of all your sales enablement apps in one tab.

Integration with Salesloft

Integrations in SalesHood have a lot more to offer. Let you reps close more deals using SalesHood content in Salesloft.

Salesloft Integration: Use your SalesHood library content inside your Salesloft app for more effective engagement with the buyers.

Integration and User Provisioning through APIs

SalesHood has got even more to offer you. Using SalesHood APIs you can create custom integrations for different purposes like.

Reporting: Using the SalesHood Reporting APIs create reports in data visualization tools like Tableau, Microsoft BI, Postman, Snowflake and more.

User Provisioning: Using SalesHood SCIM APIs configure User Provisioning with your HR/Active Directory system.

Integration and User Provisioning through APIs

Now the customers can also integrate SalesHood with their Slack and get direct notifications for user’s Story upload, Deal Win uploads, etc. To learn more about Slack Integration, please contact

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