SalesHood Integrations

SalesHood integrates with a variety of services to give customers flexibility on SSO, CMS, and much more. Below is a list of all the integrations we support, if you have any questions please contact

Content Management Systems

Bring your content directly into SalesHood to create a central location for all your Sales Organization’s needs. With your content in SalesHood, it is now easily searchable, taggable, and pinnable for reps to consume within the platform or in our Salesforce Content App. Here is the list of CMS platforms we integrate with:

Salesforce Content Management

Share your content directly to where the Sales reps live, inside of Salesforce. Integrate with our Salesforce Content App and push just in time files, videos, training, and much more into the Opportunity of any Account within Salesforce. Use custom fields, tags, and filters to tailor content to exactly what is needed to close. Here are some links to learn more about the Salesforce Content App:

SalesHood Tab in Salesforce

Bring SalesHood directly into Salesforce by adding a SalesHood tab, this includes the exact platform with all its functionality within the reps workflow. Learn how to add a SalesHood tab here.


SalesHood supports all SAML service providers and easily sets up with the SAML provider of your choice for user login authentication. Some of these providers include:

User Provisioning

SalesHood supports SCIM processing via API or native integrations.

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