SalesHood Analytics – Creating Calculated Measures in Reports Builder Tables

While using the Reports Builder to create customized reports, when you have multiple measures, you can use Calculated Measures to create a column that displays the results of a calculation using data from your selected measures.

Calculated Measures can be used to calculate the sum, difference, ratio, etc. of multiple measures used on the report.

How to create a Calculated Measure

1.In a Reports Builder report, select at least 2 measures and drop them into the “Measures” section area of the Builder

2. In the Measures section, select the “+” to add a Calculated measure

A new box will appear in the measures where you can create your Calculated Measure:

3. Use the “Outcome is…” drop box to select a calculation to use:

The following table lists all available functions:

FunctionExpressionExampleDefault format
Change(A-B)÷BChange from B to A##.##%
DifferenceA-BDifference of A and B##.##
Product (Multiplication)A×BProduct of A and B##.##
RatioA÷BRatio of A and B##.##
SumA+BSum of A and B##.##

4. Under ” Where” use the “Choose Measure” and select measure A and B you would like to use in the calculation

You can then use the Format options to select how would like your information to be displayed (ie. in decimal or percentage form)

Example Use Case: Calculating a Percentage of Users Completed

In the example below, a user can use the Ratio of Huddle Event – # Completed/ Huddle User Count to calculate the percentage of completed users overall in a huddle.

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