Sales Coaching Content

Sales Coaching Content is a collection of sales productivity best practices that have been created and curated by top leaders. The Sales Coaching Content is included in a company’s instance once they have joined SalesHood.

This content can be assigned to your team in the form of scheduled or open huddles, within Learning Paths, or cloned to be used as templates for learning tools. Users can also repurpose the best practice coaching videos within their own customized huddle(s).

If the content is not conducive to your branding efforts, Coaches and Publishers on your team can hide it from the instance. Here’s the article in our Knowledge Base on how to do that.

This is an example of how the Sales Coaching Content looks in a company’s library:

* Any of the content can be cloned and used to customize Learning Paths; added to a new category folder, or used as a customizable template to build upon.

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