How To Reuse Videos From Existing Huddles, Pitches, or Deal Wins in Video Modules

When creating a video module within a Huddle, you can repurpose videos previously uploaded on Huddles, Pitches, or Stories.

This feature is often used to create a “best of” playlist, compiling Pitch videos or deal wins you’d like to highlight. For example, if you’d like your team to learn from the top 5 Elevator Pitches, you may create a huddle for your team to go through those five specific Pitches. This is a great way to get your team to learn from your top performers.

See the instructions below to add videos from existing Huddles, Pitches, or deal wins when building a Huddle:

1. While editing a video module, click Add Video under.

2. A pop-up will appear. Click on Select Existing

3. Select the category that the video exists in, or search for the name of the video.

4. Remember to select Add before leaving the page. Your video module is now ready to be published!

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