Recording Stories and Deal Wins

Being able to capture goals, successes, accomplishments, and stories using video is a great way to engage your teams and build culture. Video storytelling is an important component in SalesHood that supports how teams are able to share knowledge and best practices.

SalesHood’s Recorder enables easy mobile and desktop video sharing. People in your organization will be able to create meaningful and dynamic videos about their accomplishments and work, which are then transcribed, tagged, and added to a dynamic video library within SalesHood. By crowdsourcing the experiences and cultural cues throughout your company, these stories reinforce the connections that will accelerate employee and partner engagement by capturing company moments at scale.

Some examples of crowdsourced stories are:

  • Customer success stories
  • Announcements
  • References
  • Opportunity updates
  • Product launches
  • Demonstrations
  • Executive broadcasts
  • Company cultural moments
  • Team events
  • Personal experiences
  • New hire tips
  • Manager coaching

How to Record a Story or Deal Win Video on Desktop

Recording a Story or Deal Win can be done in your instance via the Universal Content Creator on a computer:

Then select whether you’d like to upload a video from your computer, or record one using the SalesHood recorder.

When recording using the SalesHood recorder, you’ll have the option to record just you, your screen, or both!

The story recorder will allow you to record just a video:

The Deal Win recorder allows users to choose slides to display as they record that are pre-uploaded to your instance and used guide the video recording.

How to Record a Story, Deal Win or Recognition on Mobile

On the mobile app (available via both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store) by selecting the Stories button in the bottom ribbon, then select the “+” button in the upper right:

Then select whether you would like to record a Deal Win, Recognition, or Story video.

Deal Wins and Recognition video types have pre-loaded slides that users can lay over similar to the desktop site:

Additionally, the Add Slide feature allows users to include images from their smartphone device into the video as well.

As the recording begins, users may select the slide they want to be displayed using the bottom ribbon.

There are also several options for displaying: Over slides (camera appears in the upper left, slide takes up most of the screen), slides only, camera only, or over video (slide displays in the upper left, camera takes up most of the screen).

All published Stories, Deal Wins and Recognition videos will be stored in the Stories tab of the mobile app, as well as in the Stories category in the Library on desktop.

If you have any questions or need further assistance with this feature, please reach out to

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