Published page Pitch Module in a Huddle

In this article we will cover each part of the published page for the pitch module. To see the unpublished page for the pitch module go here:

Below is an example of a published pitch module, there are 3 main components: pitch video, leaderboard, reviews. Each component has a different purpose and functionality which will all be covered in this article.

Pitch Video Component

Within the pitch video component, the user can record/upload/watch their pitch, view their scores, and add a description or supporting documents. These can be updated anytime by the participant and by any manager, publisher, or coach. If the pitch module is in a scheduled huddle, the Host, Manager, and Coach cannot upload a pitch although can view, upload, and review others.

Video Component

Once the participant submits a video in a scheduled huddle, the Host and Participants Manager receive an email and Coaching Activity to review. If the video is submitted in an open huddle only the Participants Manager receives an email and Coaching Activity. To learn how to record or upload a pitch here are instructions:


The scorecard is where you can see the scores from others reviewing this pitch based on the set criteria. The scores (each criterion) is an average from each reviewer and the “Average Score” is the average of each criterion. For example, in the image below, “Clear” is an average of all the “Clear” scores given by reviewers.

Scorecard with 4 criteria

If the scorecard is not enabled in the unpublished page of the pitch module, it will not appear as seen above.


The leaderboard is where you can see all participants average score (average of each criterion if any), # of likes, and # of reviews with the ability to search and filter to your team. The “Overall Score” is the average of everyone’s score in the leaderboard, if the scorecard is turned off this will instead display % Submitted.

You can select any participant in the leaderboard and go directly to their video to watch and review. Once you reviewed their video, a green checkmark will appear in the leaderboard to indicate who you have reviewed.

If Hidden Activities is turned on for your huddle the leaderboard will adapt so participants can only see their own score. Coaches, managers, and publishers can still see all scores and submissions.


The review component is where a participant, coach or manager can review the video based on the criteria set in the unpublished page. If there are no criteria for the video, only the ability to comment will be shown. In the review section, you can see the scores for each criteria, the average score of the criteria, and any comment given. After a review is submitted, an email and Coaching Activity is sent to the participant notifying them of who gave a score and comment (if any).

Reviewing a video in pitch module

To give a review, drag the slider from left or right to the desired number. If you do not update the scores and submit a review the participant will receive all 5’s as default. You do not need to add a comment in order to submit.

Once the review is submitted, you can edit or delete it anytime by selecting the ellipses in the top right of your review.

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