Public and Private Huddle Events

The Scheduled Huddle events can be set to both Public and Private. The creator can now select the option of scheduling the Huddle events to Public or Private depending on their preference and requirement. 

Public: Any user(s) can self-enrol and access the Public Huddle event even when they are not assigned to that Public event.

The participants who join the Public Huddle event can leave the Huddle when they want.

Private: Only those users who have been assigned to the Scheduled Huddle event can participate and access the Private Huddle event.

The users that are assigned to the Private Huddle event cannot leave the event.

How to Schedule a Public or Private Huddle Event

The Public and Private Huddle event options are only available with the Schedule Huddle. By default, the Open Huddle event is always public and can be accessed by any user.

Access a Scheduled event and select Schedule Event to create a new event. This will open a window with the settings to set up your Scheduled event.

From the Publicity option, select the type of Huddle event you’d like to create. Schedule and Assign the Huddle.

A user can identify the huddle event type at the top of the screen under the name of the Huddle

In the Classic UI, the Participant Type column in the Overview page of the Public Huddle Event indicates whether the participant was assigned to the Huddle event or self-enrolled.

In the Modern UI, go to the Leaderboard and view the Enrollment Type to see if a user was assigned or was self-enrolled.

From the Huddle Template the Publicity of the Scheduled Huddle events can be identified. 

How to Change a Huddle’s Publicity

You can change the huddle’s publicity in the Classic UI via the Edit Event button in the Overview tab:

In the Modern UI go to the Settings and click on Edit

This will open the Edit Event window where you can change the Publicity

How to Join a Public Huddle Event

Joining the Public Huddle is very easy. Any user who is not assigned to the Public Huddle event can join the event by self-enrolling them to the event.

  1. Access the Public Huddle event
  2. Click on the Join button

The participant will be successfully enrolled in the Public Huddle event. In the Huddle Overview page, the Participant type for the users who joined the Public Huddle will be displayed as Self-Enrolled.

How to Leave a Public Huddle Event

Just like joining the Public Huddle event, leaving the event is also very easy. The participant can simply click on the Leave button and they will be successfully unassigned from the event.

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